Back-To-School Skin

Post sun, excess oil, sunscreen and our skin needs to breathe, traveling thoughts

Re-channel many thoughts and energies. Organize your body and mind, physically and emotionally. And you may see the world in an even newer perspective.

Bringing back our skin:

To a Brighter and healthier appearance with Hammam. these simple 7 steps from Amessence will reveal new skin, and a clearer mindset into another season and routines.


  1. Hair Mask: argan oil for hair & scalp and rinse off.  Bonus exfoliation with half-way ground coffee
  2. Lemon & Brown Sugar Facial Mask: exfoliate face with Orange Blossom/ Rose Water after
  3. Hammam: for body and leave on 3-5 minutes and rinse, exfoliate head to toe with Kessa mitt
  4. Half-way Coffee: second exfoliation for whole body and just rinse
  5. Mist: spray whole body with Orange Blossom/ Rose Water
  6. Prickly pear oil: on the face 
  7. Argan oil: whole body while wet

Amessence Team Hand-Picked Back-to-School Products in your small pouch:

  • Rose Water for calming sensation 
  • Orange Blossom for floral relaxation
  • Argan Oil massaging for nail health, hand skin, scalp massage

Amessence News

  • Stay tuned: Wolf and Badger is coming
  • Flying Solo: in Fall and test products in the heart of Manhattan!
  • Exciting sanctuary-spas: more to come selectively and let us know if a special spa near you is interested!

With Forwarding Love,


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