Amessence is a green, clean beauty brand whose mission is to remind people that the best skincare solutions have been provided by mother nature and used by our forebears to excellent effect for countless generations. 

From the Tree to the Bottle to You

Ours is an honest, forthright offer of pure, safe,natural, time-tested products which simply work well. We offer a trustworthy, safe, and super-effective line of products with which our customers can tend their spirit and pamper their bodies. We offer the peace of mind that they’re using the very best, freshest products, unchanged by time, and unadulterated by fake additives. No preservatives, no parabens. Always fresh. Just pure, powerful products appropriate for all ages, skin-types, and genders.
Our products are proudly sourced from sustainable female-led agricultural collectives in Northern Morocco. We point customers to the exact farms from which we’ve sourced our powerful botanical ingredients, and we deal only with trusted fair-trade operations.

Timeless experience

Our products are time-tested and of proven potency. The Hamam ritual offers a way to use our products in an ancient, relaxing escape from the burdens of a stressful, fast-paced modern world. Amessence will show people how to carve out a slice of “slow-time” for self-care, and how to tailor the use of our products to solve a broad range of skincare issues.

We’d still like to respect the origins of our products, particularly around their use in the Hamam Ritual, but we’re aiming for a brand identity that encapsulates both “Rich, Luxurious, Indulgent” as well as “Natural, Safe, Healthy”

The essence of clean beauty is fresh, natural purity

In a modern crowded skincare market full with an overwhelming multitude of stressful choices, like “ which combination of complex chemical products and formulations is right for me?”  “What new 15 step regimen is in vogue?”  Amessence wants to remind you that the most effective, most luxurious methods to cultivate one’s beauty, to feel healthy inside and out, are simple, stress-free and use the best fresh, pure, natural super-ingredients that Mother Nature has to offer.