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Your hammam ritual at home

A special time of purification and well-being just for you

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Ours is an honest, forthright offer of pure, safe,natural, time-tested products which simply works well. We offer a trustworthy, safe, and super-effective line of products with which our customers can tend their spirit and pamper their bodies. We offer the peace of mind that they’re using the very best, freshest products, unchanged by time, and unadulterated by fake additives. No preservatives, no parabens. Always fresh. Just pure, powerful products appropriate for all ages, skin-types, and genders.
Our products are proudly sourced from sustainable female-led agricultural collectives in Northern Morocco. We point customers to the exact farms from which we’ve sourced our powerful botanical ingredients, and we deal only with trusted fair-trade operations.

Your Hammam ritual at home

Step 1

Set the ambiance

Light a natural scented candle and place it on a safe surface.


Bathe or shower in warm water to prepare your body and mind; skin and spirit.


As you bathe, invigorate your senses with the fragrant zip of traditional black soap.

Step 2

Clean and exfoliate

Gently scrub your skin in a circular motion with the exfoliating mitt to unclog your pores. Be careful to not be too quick or vigorous. Exfoliate slowly and let the rhythm and repetition focus your mind. (If you do not have a mitt, you can simply use some  grounded coffee.)


Rinse well with cold or warm water, letting the water sheet over you. A cup or bowl is best to let a quantity of soothing water stream across your skin in smooth sheets.


Step 3

Hydrate and pamper

Once your skin is dry, lightly spray a fragrant, cleansing, and anti-inflammatory floral water to hydrate, scent, and fight irritation. Choose either our pure Moroccan rose wateror our pure Mediterranean orange blossom waterto soothe and hydrate your dry skin.


Systematically massage our natural organic pure Moroccan argan oilinto the skin of all parts of your body. Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E– a soothing nutrient. It's also appropriate for the entire body and is one of the key secrets to perfect Moroccan Mediterranean skin!


Apply just a small amount of our most precious potion, our pure prickly pear seed elixir, to the delicate skin under your eyes and to your lips. Massage very gently until your skin has absorbed its full bounty. Pure natural Moroccan prickly pear seed oil has themost vitamin-E of any oilon the market, so it is the perfect product to care for your face.

so distressful
Natalie S.

This ritual is an incredible sensorial journey, distressful and relaxing that leaves my skin so soft

I'm in love
Megan O.

Absolutely Love the smell and the way the black soap feels. It is like a detoxing cleanse for you body and the rose water is perfect for my sensitive skin. Love it!

Mary G

I am loving all the products!! The rose water is beautifully scented!! The Argan oil is the best I’ve ever used! Really helped my hair get back in shape. The prickly pear seed oild is really miraculous. Thank you so much again!! Truly appreciated!!

Frequently Asked Questions

In Morocco women are going to the hammam every week. Depending on the needs of your skin (and spirit) you can do it once a week or every two weeks.

After the exfoliation, your skin is ready for intense moisturizing and hydration but you must only use 100% natural products like our body elixir and floral waters. Well moisturized, your skin will become soft and dewy like the one of a baby

Yes, absolutely, it is recommended. Just be carful with the exfoliation : be sure to keep it gentle.

The hammam ritual and the exfoliation enable your skin to regenerate itself

Single ingredient
Single ingredient

No chemicals


Recently harvested


Plant based

Proven Results
Proven Results

Time Tested For Millenia

Ethically Sourced
Ethically Sourced